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Our Qualifications to be YOUR Optician of Choice:

Cheryl has over 50 years of optical experience and is a Certified Licensed Optician in the states of:

  • Massachusetts (licensed)
  • Ohio (previously licensed)
  • Texas (no licensing available at the time)
  • Has apprenticed several Opticians to successful completion of Licensing in all three states.

Cheryl is recognized as having shown excellence in the practice of opticianry by the following:

  • The American Board Of Opticianry
  • COAT (Certified Opticians of Texas)
  • Varilux, Hoya, Sola Optical, Marchon and other frame vendors and lens manufacturers.

She is an elected Fellow of the National Academy of Opticianry (FNAO) and a member of the Massachusetts Independent Licensed Opticians (MILO) now known as MARDO.

Cheryl and Different Frames of Mind are committed to providing the best, most comprehensive optical service available anywhere. By participating in continuing education programs they keep abreast of all the latest developments in the field of Opticianry. Cheryl and Different Frames of Mind will always offer the very latest in technology and materials to their patients along with the merely above average technology and materials.

By being patients at Different Frames of Mind, you are entitled to the following services:

  • No Charge adjustments for all our patients.
  • NEVER a CO-PAY on our warranty!
  • Personalized service with your satisfaction in mind!
  • House calls for the nursing home or homebound patients for a nominal fee.
  • Help and assistance for the visually challenged. Magnifiers and illumination devices to aid in Low Vision.
  • Expert care through Progressive Lens Technology
  • The most advanced High Technology Lens Coatings are available
  • Experts at the application of the Highest Technology Ultra-Thin Lenses....thereby yielding the lightest, thinnest, and safest lenses available. Also, expert advice on what will make the most flattering pair of glasses.
  • Only the most advanced Sports Glasses - because you can't excel if you can't see:
"Seeing is Achieving."

Surprisingly enough, All eyewear prescriptions are not filled equally!

Have you or someone you know ever been told, "Well, the lenses "meet" your Doctor's prescription. YOU'LL just have to get used to them!" I'm sure that this has been told to you or to someone you know. Of course there is an instance when this is a bit valid… when you are getting a new prescription that is very different from the old one! In some cases, your doctor may have cautioned you that this might take some time getting used to. Should you have a normal progression (which is most often the situation) you should not have a problem beyond a day, maybe two if you picked them up late in the day, to get accustomed to your new glasses. Depth perception is the most common hurdle which is why I normally suggest wearing the older prescription your first time driving after a prescription change. Meeting someone new can be a pleasure, but not so much when it is because of an accident!

How can YOU be sure that your Doctor's specifications (Prescriptions) are EXACTLY followed?

First, let's understand how the optical industry is regulated.

The FDA has established guidelines on the fabrication of prescription eyewear. When used as Guidelines, these criteria are very useful. .. As you might imagine, there are many measurements that are a part of fabricating a lens. According to the FDA, each measurement is allowed to be off by a certain amount referred to as "tolerance". As helpful as that is, it is also where the problem can be found. If the measurements were only off in 1 or maybe 2 measurements you would probably have a lens that was not too hard to see through. However, your prescription lenses are legally allowed to be "off' by a certain tolerance in any and all the measurements. When many of the measurements are 'off', it is most often the time when you have to become "used to your new lenses". This is usually a bigger problem when the glasses have been made in the opticians own lab.

As a consumer, it is a major convenience to purchase eyewear at an optical shop that can immediately fabricate the lenses in its own lab. This usually means that one can pick up your eyewear the same day. However, this limits you as a customer in several ways.

Now to some of the other advantages you get by us using an independent large National Laboratory. Often when a new lens material is developed or a new lens design is invented, as well as new and improved lens coatings being advanced all the time they may all require new machinery in order to work with the material and coating chemicals. If I have a lab in the back I can't afford to purchase the equipment needed to work with the new materials and coatings. I won't do enough business to justify the expense.

It is only at a large lab where enough volume can be generated to make it cost effective for a proper ROI (return on investment) to justify the purchase of the needed equipment.

Therefore when you go to the 1 hour chains you won't have access to the best and the latest that Opticianry has to offer. They can't afford to offer it.

Let's imagine for a moment that we are talking about putting in a new countertop in the kitchen rather than new lenses:

We make measurements for length, width, for where the sink is to be. Its length and width, and where it is distance from the end and how deep into the counter top. Now let's imagine we can be off by a quarter of an inch in each of these measurements. If we are off in one or two we might be able to work with it. If we are off in each and every one of the measurements we probably have to put this countertop in the trash and start over. If we did it to ourselves, it is at our expense and we are unlikely to be happy and we might try to make the countertop work and if we do, you can imagine what it would look like to the now trained eye.

When it is eyewear and the lens is made in the back room or "lab", this makes the optician solely responsible for the fabrication of the lens. In the case when a new lens is needed to remake the lenses, it is at the optician's expense. There goes the profit margin.

If it was made by a subcontractor You would have no problem with having them redo the countertop… and We have no problem sending unsuitable lenses back to the Lab!

At Different Frames of Mind we use a commercial lab (subcontractor) instead of trying to do our lab work in the back room to pad our profits. That means should your Glasses return from the lab with any 'tolerance' in the prescription....BACK THEY GO! We use the best laboratories in the Northeast United States. Different Frames of Mind is a leader in their industry for our abilities and their willingness to stay abreast or even ahead of all the newest technological advances and equipment.

In this way, Different Frames of Mind....can be your UNCOMPROMISED ADVOCATE for the best quality in eyewear.

If you still experience some problem....Different Frames Of Mind will work with YOU AND YOUR DOCTOR to resolve any visual discomfort.

As we already mentioned, some accommodation for a new prescription must be made, especially when no glasses were worn previously or when a considerable change in prescription is evident. These accommodations however should not be burdensome or require more than a few days of visual discomfort. At Different Frames Of Mind ... we understand your need to see as well as you possibly can ! You can be sure that prescriptions filled at Different Frames Of Mind....WILL EXCEED the guidelines set by the FDA. Those guidelines are just not good enough for OUR patients!

Different Frames of Mind prides itself on the ability of providing the most cutting edge lens designs and materials therefore providing the most comfort and best vision that is possible at this point in time. Our promise to you our patient is that we will always have at your disposal the latest in lens designs, materials, and coatings as well as the latest frame designs and materials. We pride ourselves on helping you to see your best, while helping you to look your best.


So bring your prescription to 391 E. Central Street, Franklin, MA.


Different Frames Of Mind.....Where the FOCUS really is on YOU!

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