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Often I am asked about the price of a quality frame ... and why it seems so expensive to purchase a durable, good looking frame. After all, many frames are so similar in looks ... what makes them different in price?

An analogy I find to be most accurate is wall paint. To the untrained eye, all paint looks the same the first week. It is after the abuse of time that good quality paint begins to show its VALUE. When it still looks good after multiple washings and abuses, then its inherent VALUE becomes apparent.

An eyeglass frame must endure the test of time and the abuse of use over that time. Here are a few factors to be considered when deciding what quality frame is right for you or your child.

*Most adults replace their frames every 22-24 months. Will the frame you choose look good that long? Will it still FEEL good?

At Different Frames Of Mind we only stock frames we feel confident will maintain their integrity and looks for the life of the frame. It follows that if the frame still looks good , it should also still feel good when it is maintained with the proper adjustments.

*Will replacement parts be readily available should you need them? Has the frame been discontinued, if so is the style supported by the manufacturer?

Discontinued frames and Manufacturers that go out of business has been a sad fact of life especially over the last few years. At Different Frames of Mind, our policy reflects those facts in that discontinued frames with Out of Business Manufacturers have price adjustments made on those frames to reflect their status although their quality is unchanged. We work with you to find suitable solutions should there be a manufacturer's defect in the frame, but we cannot warranty discontinued discounted frames in the same manner as we do our regular frames. Discontinued frames from current manufacturers are not kept in stock on a regular basis unless the frame is supported by the manufacturers stock of replacement parts.

Unlike most fashion items, eyeglass frame quality is closely related to cost.

  • Durable metals
  • Comfort design features, such as spring hinges and smoothly operating parts
  • Silicone or specially designed Nose pads
  • Memory Ability
  • Handcrafted Detailing
  • Foil or double/triple laminated zyl that is sculpted rather than molded

All these details tend to increase production costs and in turn the retail cost of frames. One other fact to remember is that in most cases, the true expense of eyewear is in the cost of the lenses.

As in any major purchase, you will want to match your wants and needs when choosing your new eyewear.

As a custom product, you will be able to combine many different types and styles of lenses with your new frame. Please remember in choosing new eyewear, proper vision is the most important aspect!

If the "frame of your dreams" will not work well with the lenses you NEED for Comfortable Vision, find another "Frame of Your Dreams". With over 15,000 different styles on the market at any given time, there HAS to be another one for you!

Please remember to ask about your new eyewear's warranty. How long is the warranty and what does it cover? Are there additional costs to activate your warranty such as a co-pay? Is that co-pay for each part that is warranted?

The Different Frames Of Mind warranty is FREE, and there is NEVER a Patient CO-PAY needed to take advantage of the warranty.

We will leave no stone unturned in order to satisfy the needs of our patients.



Our Services include:

  • No Charge adjustments
  • Personalized service with your satisfaction in mind!
  • House calls for the nursing home or homebound patient

Bring your prescription and discover what TRUE OLD FASHIONED SERVICE and HONEST VALUE really are.


Shopping for eyeglass frames

Eyeglasses have long had a reputation for making wearers look studious and serious.

Shopping for frames can be your entrance into different looks for different occasions. Sometimes we may WANT to look studious or serious. This can be an advantage in certain business or classroom situations. A more mature look or a younger more exciting look can also be beneficial. All these looks can help in an interview situation, a work situation, or a social one. Granted, more mature is not generally helpful in a social atmosphere, but it can be helpful when you are meeting your future in laws!

Frames can make a wearer look older, younger, more dependable, more reckless or enthusiastic, you name it! How do YOU want to be perceived? Conservative, liberal, fun loving, intelligent, or fashionable? Age rarely has a real impact on which frame you may choose, most of the time it has more to do with attitude and necessity. Rarely do I see a lawyer that wants a frame that draws too much attention… he wants the judge to regard him as great mind rather than a fashion beacon.

Others have practical considerations that are paramount. A police officer is more apt to need a durable frame that can withstand the rigors of the job. Stainless steel used to be the metal of choice for durability in the 90's, but the new tough guy is titanium for metal looks and nylon combinations for the plastic fashion statement. Super retro looks are available in many memory metals and some nylons as well as the normal materials glasses are made of. Authentic laminated zyls are available from many manufacturers for all types of tastes. But remember, not all frames that look good wear well. Depend on your eyecare professional to guide you in fit and practical matters. When my patients come in for a repair that they really think is impossible.... They usually hear, "that's why you buy the GOOD ones" instead of "that will be another $$$, for your son's new glasses". Ask my patients. They will tell you good ones may cost more in the beginning, but less in the long run.

The most important thing to remember when buying glasses is not to choose frames simply because they seem the popular choice. Depend on your eyecare professional to help you design glasses that will meet your fashion and practical objectives. They can help you choose eyewear that minimizes facial imbalances and frames play up your more attractive features and most of all, can tell when the frame you choose will not play well with the lenses you NEED. After all, what good is fashion without function?


Consider the impression you are seeking to make with your new glasses. Do you need to exert control or impress them with your good looks? What is your primary objective?

What kind of durability is necessary for the frames to withstand your life in general? Are you a couch potato or have 2 speeds, stop and gone?

What kind of compromises are you willing to make in order to have more functional glasses? Do you need to have extra-ordinary range for your near and intermediate to function well at work or play, or do you need only one distance?

Do you wear your glasses only to drive or to read....or do you (like me) need them to BREATHE and wear them every waking moment? What happens if they break? Is it an inconvenience or a panic attack waiting to happen?

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