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Can Vision Problems Slow Your Child's Academic Growth?

A comprehensive eye exam is an essential part of a child's curriculum. A startling 50 percent of reading problems in school-aged children occur as a result of undetected vision problems. According to the Vision Council of America, one in four children between 5 and 12 has a vision problem that may affect their educational performance.

Parents should watch out for these signs of possible vision trouble, says Dr. Jack Weber, O.D., Education and Research Director for Marchon Eyewear:

  • Excessive rubbing or blinking of eyes.
  • Covering one eye then another when reading.
  • Placing head very close to the book.
  • Squinting; complaints of headaches after reading or watching television.
  • Unequal tracking of moving objects.
  • Omitting, repeating and miscalling words or confusing similar words.
  • Poor eye hand coordination.
  • Family history of poor vision or eye disease.

Should your child need glasses, experts offer these suggestions:

Frame Selection-

Let your child try on several pairs, including brand names such as Fisher Price, Mickey & Co. Etc. Children can identify with friendly characters such as Fisher Price, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Minnie.


Metal rims are the rage as are traditional gold and tortoise coloring for kids, 7 and older. For younger kids, an added punch of color is splashed on frames with confetti like patterns of bold pinks, reds, blues and violets.


Impact-resistant frames are a must for active youngsters. Lenses made of polycarbonate material are shatter­ resistant.

Fit and Comfort-

Eyes should be centered with the lens (the optical center) for optimum correction effectiveness. The top of the frame should follow the brow line. The frame itself should not rest on the cheeks, and the temples should gently curve around the ears without pinching.

Safety Features-

Spring hinges provide an extra measure of comfort and durability, adjustable unifit bridges gently hug the cartilage and comfort cables have a rubber tubing to cover the metal ear tip and prevent slipping. Flexible shape retaining frames made of "Memory Metal", can be twisted or bent, yet automatically spring back to original shape and can withstand tough handling and play.

Proper Frame Care-

Proper frame care is essential as smudged, dirty lenses can distort vision. Lenses should be cleaned with a soft cloth to avoid making scratches. Good vision is crucial to a child's learning and development, say experts.

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